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A leading provider of mobile video surveillance equipment in Ireland.


Advanced Vehicle CCTV Cameras

We provide vehicle tracking software and vehicle CCTV solutions that can track a vehicle in real-time with live video, remote playback and analytics.

Cyclist and Pedestrian protection systems

Left turn alarms which provide a visual and audible alert as soon as the vehicle turn signal is operated.

VUEcloud platform

Enables the secure management, aggregation and sharing of this knowledge and footage, is perfect for Fleet companies such as Haulage, Emergency Services, Bus and Coach, Waste and Cash in Transit.

Leading the way by implementing the highest quality


Auto Vision Systems specialise in providing tailored and cost-effective Cloud-Based GPS vehicle CCTV cameras and telematics solutions that suit your business needs. Our specialised technology allows you to track your vehicles and assets, giving you full visibility of your mobile workforce with accurate live and historical data of every journey made by your vehicle fleet. We also provide side protection solutions which help eliminate blind spots on larger vehicles such as HGV’s reducing the risk of collisions with obstacles such as pedestrians and cyclists.


Experts in implementing fully integrated tailored fleet management systems, Auto Vision Systems together with our partner Vision Unique Equipment combine our many years of industry knowledge with the most innovative telematics technology to provide our customers with the tools to optimise their fleet operations on every level.


On-vehicle surveillance has become an invaluable asset to the transport industry, where it no longer is seen to be an added expense for compliance reasons, and instead is a sound investment.

Vehicle CCTV cameras and telematics systems for the transport market has become a key component for the day-to-day running of all operators; offering protection for drivers, passengers and the general public alike, as well as operators’ bottom lines.

Insurance companies are also seeing the advantages gained by their customers using on-board CCTV to help reduce claims. If a claim is made, it is much easier to establish who was at fault and settle the claim faster, keeping their administration costs to a minimum and your premiums lower.

Fleet managers can view video footage instantly. This allows them to deal with incidents quickly to protect the business against fraudulent insurance claims. They can minimise disruption and costs by arranging vehicle recovery, replacement vehicles or repairs.