Introducing Alcohol sensitive vehicle immobilisation

Advanced Biometric Solution

  1. Business owners have a responsibility to proactively manage the safety of their fleets. Auto Vision Systems presents the ideal solution. We install alcohol interlock systems for people convicted of drink driving offences.
  2. The Autowatch Breathalok uses advanced technology to measure the alcohol in a person’s system. If that amount exceeds a pre-programmed level, then the interlock immobilises the vehicle’s ignition system therefore not allowing the vehicle to start.
  3. The system can be configured to lock out or allow multiple resets to release the immobiliser thus allowing a driver to wait until their blood alcohol level drops and blow into the sensor again.
  4. The Autowatch Breathalock integrates seamlessly with all AVS telematics solutions to provide fleet managers with alerts in relation to pass or fail test results


Electronics Counter Circumvention Measures (ECCM) to distinguish between mechanically simulated and human breath samples.

  • Seamless, encrypted RF_download of data from vehicle to PC.
  • GSM communicator for real-time reporting (optional extra).
  • Advanced fuel cell sensing technology.
  • The system is configurable to integrate with fleet management systems and the Autowatch 852 Video Telematics system.
  •  The device is fitted with two override functions: Emergency situations allows for a once-off reprogrammable override function to keep the vehicle mobile; and in the unlikely event of a technical failure, an emergency override PIN code can be issued by the control centre.
  •  The system is CANBus enabled thus dramatically reducing installation time and enhancing the system’s features capability.
  • Hand unit status LED indicates when the system is ready to receive a breath sample (especially useful in extreme operating temperatures).
  •  Task bar indication graphically shows task progress for increased user-friendliness.
  •  Driver change switch with Status LED gives visual indication when a sample is required and accepted; and prompts for driver change with random samples.
  •  All features and programmable to meet customer, market and judiciary requirements.
  •  The hand-held devices comes with user-selectable language options.
  • 12/24V connectivity
  • Hygienic, individually wrapped, disposable mouthpieces.